Supplying highly concentrated of Deodorizer and/or Scent

SafeDrop 100 for reducing Hydrogen sulfide & Methylmercaptan
SafeDrop 300 w/scent for reducing Ammonia & Trimethylamine
SafeDrop 500 for reducing Ammonia & Trimethylamine
Naturally Distilled Scents
Supplying exclusively to verified deodorizer manufacturers/providers

Landfill and Waste Odor Treatment

Water treatment plants
Sewage treatment plants
Sludge processing plants
Livestock feces management
Food waste
Incineration plants
Composting: Green waste, Household garbage


Livestock farms: hog farm, chicken farm, etc.
Paper mills
Recycling centers

Reduction of VOCs

Paint/Print service facilities
Paint manufacturing facilities
Tire manufacturing facilities
Plywood manufacturing facilities
Glue manufacturing facilities

More research on Green Chemicals

Substitutes for xylene
Substitutes for toluene
Substitutes for benzene
Substitutes for formaldehyde
Substitute for acetone